Friday, June 25, 2010

Interesting Picks

When I see indices like these, I remember my fruitless efforts to start up similar ones in Turkey for the Hurriyet Daily News & Economic Review.

Thanks to Menzie Chinn of Econbrowser, I have learned that OECD Factbook is now online. They have interactive charts as well as data, all of which is linked from Econbrowser.

Very nice (and concise) summary on determinants of productivity.

If you would like a quick introduction to the most important discussion in the Econ. blogosphere at the moment, here's the Econ gangs of New York.

Some see it as Latin American dominance, but here's another way to see the sweet-16 of the World Cup.

Continuing with football: It's no surprise that the Yanks have advanced to the sweet 16. Maybe, I should take over the Turkish national team, or at least Besiktas...

Now, this is really some weird pricing, even weirder than my KFC find.

To buy or not to buy (Greek CDS), that's the question.

Some people just don't learn. The better Gaussian Copula will work fine- until the next crisis.

And I thought Turkey had a large funding need in August- I guess it will be im Juli for the Spaniards before Rhapsody in August for the Turks...

Wouldn't it be natural for the NAIRU to rise after such a deep recession? I am no US expert, but I do think that NAIRU has risen for my beloved country- I mentioned that in a Hurriyet column once, but now I have no idea when or under what context.

To close up, the week in pictures.

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