Monday, June 28, 2010

I am on Twitter

I just got a Twitter account this morning after being coaxed by my buddies Ufuk and Cagan over a few glasses of raki. Furthermore, I linked it to this blog via Twitterfeed. So from today (actually at most half an hour or so later), you should be able to follow my blog from Twitter as well.

BTW, my Twitter name is edelivel, in case you prefer to follow me there. I never mentioned it before, but you can also find me in Facebook (just search with my full name), where the posts are automatically updated as well. However, I wouldn't recommend you to follow me in Facebook, as the it takes several hours for the posts to get there due to Facebook's shitty (pardon my French) application. But maybe, there is some good in this, because now that I linked Blogspot to Twitter and Twitter to Facebook (via Facebook's Twitter application), my blog posts will appear in Facebook via Twitter in approximately half an hour or so. Then, if you miss them the first time, you'll be able to see them again in a few hours' time, once Facebook does its own updating.