Friday, June 25, 2010

Appreciating the Readers (II): What is this Blog Good For?

Here's another reader comment:
Could we have a bit more mainstream macroeconomic reporting and comment please -- or am I an economic simpleton who has stumbled into a party for professional bankers and financial services industry people?
No, you are not! As George Costanza would say, it isn't you, it's me! Let me elaborate:

This question is related to my own question marks about the nature of this blog. The problem is that I try to cater to professional economists following Turkey, and I have readers in places like the IMF and RGE. But at the same time, I would like people untrained in Economics (but interested in the Turkish economy nevertheless) to follow my blog. In addition, I would like to give my Turkish readers a summary of global developments, through my own lens, with my Interesting Picks.

And that's only my reader attraction goals! I also would like to use the blog for my own archiving purposes so that I can easily access to my articles or find a paper I liked/would like to read.

With so many goals, it is normal that there will be articles of very different scope here. I admit that my Interesting Picks will be interesting for mainly economists and finance professionals, but all my official writings in Forbes and Hurriyet Daily News & Economic Review are bound to be much more mainstream- if you don't find them that way, let me know because they need to be.

I am also willing to answer mainstream questions in the blog, and I have done so quite a few times, the latest being Wednesday's answer to the question on current account deficits.

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