Friday, June 4, 2010

Live-Blogging in half an hour

I will be at the World Bank-ERF labor market conference in half an hour or so, and I plan to live-blog from there- or at least do semi-liveblogging if they don't have internet access over there.

I just noticed I haven't done any live-blogging since the IMF-World Bank conference in October; it is just that I had this laptop ancien, and fast-typing with a Bberry was really cumbersome, but now that I have my pocket rocket, I want to make use of it:)

As I mentioned last week, I'll try not to write macro for a while, although the over-optimistic reports about yesterday's inflation print are urging me to do a piece entitled food for thought. So my Daily News column for next week will probably be about my impressions from the conference and the papers presented there, so I have an added incentive to take nice notes.

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