Thursday, June 3, 2010

EconNews Roundup

Turkey eyes USD 500bn of exports by 2023: You might wonder what is so special about 2023; it is just the 100th year of the Republic of Turkey... BTW, Turkish Exporters Association President has made a tradition of setting these meetings at the beginning of each month at a different city, where he makes "headliny" comments and, more importantly for economists, discloses the previous month's unofficial trade statistics. If you are wondering how those numbers fare with the official ones that are released at the end of the month, I present this graph:
Exporters aim to expand to Syria with fair: The piece reminded me of the sorry state the sector finds itself in: After being one of Turkey's high-growth sectors right after the Customs Union with the EU, the sector has been in relative decline over the last few years, which can be seen by comparing the sector's exports growth to Turkey's overall exports growth (I took 3-month moving averages so that the graph would look nice)- interestingly, the sector has fared better than average during the crisis:
Speaking of sectoral exports, a nutty exports story. BTW, I have no idea what boron is good for, but nevertheless, here's the story- I wish the paper had bothered to explain for their readers without a PhD in mining engineering...

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