Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Interesting Picks

Yves Smith summarizes today's top story: ECB liquidity withdrawal efforts.

I am rather by simple debt ratio comparisons and treating debt as the sole sovereign risk factor, so it is comforting to see someone sharing my worries.

The article on who should discuss Macroeconomics that I had linked a couple of days ago is the hottest stuff on the Econ. blogosphere. Mark Tahoma summarizes the posts of the last couple of days in addition to sharing with us his own thoughts. FT Alphaville joins in as well. But maybe, academic economists are as helpless as mere mortals- Mark Tahoma takes on this topic as well. And Wohwhile Canadian Initiative adopts an indirect route to discuss the same paper.

Thanks to David Beckworth, I am aware of a new Cleveland Fed website offering expected inflation from market info. on a monthly basis. Note that they used to do this by inflation linkers, but then discontinued it during the crisis, arguing that the indicators were no longer showing what they were supposed to show.

Video of the day: Physics Envy, one of the most common illnesses found in economists.

The Economist's special report on debt.

I don't like to repost, but since I really liked it and it is now appearing in a different web site, I am reposting the ten commandments for fiscal adjustment in advanced economies.

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