Friday, June 18, 2010

Interesting Picks

The fiscal debate is going on full speed, with Alan Greenspan and ECB joining in on the discussion. And Tyler Cowen tells us what we are least likely to hear from the Austerity Files. Interfluidity summarizes the debate and takes a stand, and Paul Krugman is as critical as ever.

Food inflation pressures may be receding for now, but OECD and FAO expect 40% price rise over the course of the next decade.

Interview with Rajan on predicting financial crises and his new book.

Econbrowser looks in between the lines of the BIS Quarterly Report for implications on Spain, PIGS and Europe in general, which FT summarizes. Time's curious capitalist tries to answer the trillion-dollar Spanish question as well.

The relationship between the two most important Fs: fiscal and football.

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