Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Interesting Picks

Mr. Swine Flu is leaving, and I am still more or less healthy, so here are my international links:
The Economist summarizes the recent Cowen-DeLong fiscal boxing match.

I had this project to do a coffee table book on Monetary Policy some years ago. Actually, it wasn't mine; I was approached by a PR guy, but the project never materialized. One of our weird ideas was to question the assumption that Central Bank independence is a non-arguable pillar of Monetary Economics. I am glad to finally see someone taking on this idea.

The picture of the day: The South Americans are coming.

I was reading the mentioned Economist article on the plane a couple of hours ago; the inflation-deflation dilemma always makes interesting reading.

Dani Rodrik no longer recognizes the country where he was raised and spends most of his time when he is not teaching in the U.S. (subscription-only). Being a resident of that country, I would say that it had changed quite a while ago, but Dani has only recently been noticing...

My former employer has really turned nutty with emails.

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