Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Never attempt to live-blog in Turkey

I was at the Garanti Future Summit today. Despite the cheesy name, the conference was quite interesting, with both speakers doing an outstanding job.

I was planning to live-blog from the conference again, but I am glad I did not announce it like last time because, just like last time, my efforts were in pain, as Swissotel Istanbul was not offering free internet.

This brings to mind one of the topics I would like to write about, the quality of services. If you are getting a couple of hundred thousand quid for a conference, you should make internet service available to the conference attendants or at least make it available for a small fee rather than the ludicrous daily charge that costs more than my monthly internet bill. Alternatively, if you already spent a fortune on a conference, getting an internet deal with the hotel will not run you bankrupt...

Anyway, I did take quite a bit of notes, and I, along with my journalist colleagues from the Daily News, did interview both speakers, so next week's column will probably be on what I got from those.

BTW, Garanti has put up the conference video, if you are interested..

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