Wednesday, June 16, 2010

EconNews Roundup

It seems Konda finally decided to forgo the veil of secrecy. I guess this means I can write about my there as well:) BTW, loyal readers would know that I've been working with them since they started their monthly survey in March, so if you do a search in my blog on "Konda", you'll see all my related posts, and I wrote a few sentences on the April survey the article is about.

Fiscal results look good for May, but I don't see much reason to be overoptimistic, as elections are approaching. Besides, the faster growth means that adhering to the original target would now imply no structural improvement this year, while macroeconomic conditions and external developments argue for a structural tightening, according to the IMF. And here's the Zaman view.

Balanced view on the decline in unemployment. It would have been perfect if they had not referred to my friend Murat Ucer as a Deloitte analyst (he is a consultant for them). BTW, based on my work on Konda (see above), I expect the improvement in unemployment to continue in the coming months, even after making the necessary seasonal adjustment. And Zaman has, unsurprisingly, an optimistic view.

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