Thursday, June 3, 2010

First comments to the memoirs

I got the first comments to my memoirs.

First, right after I posted the inaugural memoir, a friend, who also happens to be a loyal reader, emailed me, advising me not to go ahead with the project. His main argument was that while the memoirs would not bring me any material benefit (I am not marketing them to the Daily News or anything), I could get into trouble with the bigwigs I am writing about. Well, he is right in principle, but as he noted in his email as well, I am having a great time doing this, and that's more than a sufficient reason by itself.

My friend is also worried that the media could notice the great stories, and then I would be the one who'd turn into a media monkey. That is a possibility, especially after I get into more interesting stuff, but I do not have to comment on anything the papers publish. Then, the most I would become would be a media chimpanzee.

I got an email from the same friend last night as a response to the second memoir: Emre'cim believe me, he was joking. Yep, I know that, but that's not the point. I was more interested in the way all the high-level SPO bureaucrats in the room just froze when he made those comments.

In a similar vein, and coming back to my friend's worries, just the fact that he's worried I'll get into trouble means that there is something terribly wrong about this country, isn't there...

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