Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Small Warning

I just noticed that it is the middle of the month, and I am at almost 30 posts already; I guess I'll shatter my record of 46 posts from last August.

I guess the Marmaris weather is really pumping up my creativity hormones:) Joking aside, the magic is discipline: I have decided to devote every day 23.00-24.00 to blogging, so I write something every day between those times, in addition to extra stuff I do during the day when I have the time.

The downshot (is there such a word?) is that I am writing these posts, including this one, in a loud bar by the beach, so I am sure I am making more grammatical errors, typos and the like than usual. So apologies for anything that diminishes your reading experience of the blog and bear with me for the content despite the shitty grammar and spelling:)

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