Thursday, June 3, 2010

Need help!

I am starting up an Economics/Finance magazine in Turkish.

As the project is still in early stages, I am looking for suggestions from loyal blog readers. I specifically would like to know the following:
  • What would you like to see in such a magazine? Feel free to be as much general or specific as you'd like...
  • What is lacking in the Econ/Finance magazines in print in Turkey today? Again, feel free to be general (macro) or semi-general (interview with macroeconomists) or very specific (preview and review of monthly data).
  • What would a Turkish manager (or you) read the most: Finance-content on investment decisions? Macro developments like growth, inflation and the labor market? Corporate news and innovations? What else? Feel free to elaborate as much as you can.
  • Would you prefer to read news items or op-ed pieces in such a magazine.
  • Would you be interested in sectoral/company-specific news? What is your take on such news in other magazines today- anything missing you'd like to see? And would you be interested in reading about any sectors/ types of companies in particular.
  • Would you be interested in seeing interviews with economists/business people? Again, I would like to take your thoughts on the interviews in Turkish papers and magazines. In a similar vein, would you like to see success stories the Turkish media loves so much?
Obviously, the questions are geared towards Turkish readers, but any general comments from non-Turkish readers would be greatly appreciated as well.

You can write your suggestions to the comments section of this post or you can just email me privately at And if you are in Istanbul, I would be more than happy to invite you for coffee to discuss your views face-to-face; this would be a great chance to know the few (but select) blog followers as well...

Thanks in advance...


TARIK said...

you can have macroeconomic indicators in your magazine like the economist.Also,I guess you must talk about micro stuff as well.I mean you can show the microeconomics behind macro.
for example,when you talk about unemployment in turkey,you can explain to the readers what microeconomic reforms need to be done to overcome unemployment problem?
i follow other blogs as well and i noticed that many readers want to understand what they are has to make sense to,you have to talk about the stock exchange.everyone is interested in investing in the i guess corporate news is a good idea.people are interested in what is touching them,what is actually affecting them.You can talk about current news.You can also criticise or examine the articles/works of other columnists or experts in economics-finance.
anyway,good luck

Emre Deliveli said...

Thanks for the suggestions Tarik.

I agree with you that such a magazine should be informative. Your other comments were very useful as well.

All the Best,