Monday, June 28, 2010

EconNews Roundup

Turkey's trade with its neighbors is on the rise, but it is impossible to figure out how much of this is a crisis substitution effect and how much a structural change.

OK, property sales to foreigners have increased significantly in the last couple of years, but I have no idea how one can know for sure this is because of the crisis.

Turkey improves in real estate transparency, but almost all the factors mentioned are actually a few years old, so I guess the index is lagging a bit behind...

Gold prices hit the Turkish wedding industry. Again, an article I struggle to grasp, as it assumes that gold's elasticity is bigger than 1. Think about it, price goes down, quantity bought goes down- total value of gold received (PxQ) would be less than before if an only if the percentage decrease in quantity is less than the percentage increase in price.

Speaking of gold, I must be a skxawng, but I just don't get how one would tie the all the decrease in gold coin production to surging prices.

Vakifbank goes East (or rather Southeast).

Last but hopefully not the least, your friendly neighborhood economist takes on CHP's economic policy.

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