Friday, June 4, 2010

EconNews Roundup

Turkish inflation slows to 9.1 pct, helping rates policy: I agree that yesterday's turnout will help rates policy, but I am kind of disappointed that the volatile nature of food prices, as I discussed yesterday, is not mentioned. But I won't take it against the Daily News, as the only places I saw this issue brought up were Goldman Sachs, Global Source and RGE - kudos to all. RGE's Mary Stokes does a nice summary of the various analyst reports (subscription-only). And at least the Daily News has not translated the TURKSTAT bulletin...

Foreign share in Turkey's banking sector is balanced, at least according to Garanti's ex-CEO. The optimal banking share is a concept I have failed to grasp. With the focus on Greek banks in the Balkans, everyone thinks nowadays that foreign presence in banking is like candy; you should not have too much of it, but really there is a lot of evidence that foreign banks bring in much more good than evil...

Turkey puts energy deals with Israel on hold: Yet more evidence that the economics effects of the flotilla crisis will be much more than simple trade algebra predicts. Zaman has the same story as well.

And for some morning humor, Turkish Exporters Association (TIM/TEA) is ranting again.

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