Friday, April 1, 2011

Oil and Gas

Gas as the Yanks use the word, not natural gas:)

Anyway, I've got Turkish gas prices following an email to one of the Turkish economy / markets newsgroups I am subscribed to. I have always wondered the relationship between oil and gas prices, and a first look is quite interesting:
There are quite a lot of missing variables in the gas data, so I had to thicken the line a bit.... But you can still notice the episodes where gas prices have been relatively tame compared to oil prices and vice versa.

You will see me me mention this data more, after I clean it up (or have my economist friend clean it up for me). But one thing to mention: This data could be really useful for a better gauge of the transmission of oil prices to inflation...

And in case you are wondering, the original source is OPET.

And for some more shameless advertising, TDM lets you download your own data as well. It is a bit convoluted at the moment, but my friends over there promised me they would provide instructions soon...


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