Monday, April 25, 2011

Friday's conference

Friday's conference did take place, although I was late for my own presentation: I left home (Cengelkoy) at 8.55, hoping to comfortably make it to the 10.30 presentation. It was 11.45 or so when I was entering the gates of Koc University in Sariyer: I was victim to the Friday morning accident at the entrance of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. It is beyond me why an accident that took place at 6.30 am could not be cleared at 9.30, but as a result I spent three hours sitting behind the wheel, less than 12 hours after I had arrived from Marmaris. If I had been driving from Marmaris instead, I would have been at the outskirts of Manisa- made me really depressive when I noticed this:)...

But on the bright side, I now know, as I explained in the intro. to my discussion, all the summer concerts advertised on the billboards. So if you would like to know when Bon Jovi or Elton John is in town, I am your guy:)

As for the conference, I am eternally grateful to Sumru Oz for shifting the schedules so that I could do my discussion. She has also put all the presentations and discussions at the ERF web site. As for mine, you can have a look at it in PPT as well if the Pdf on their web site is not good enough- gotta love Dropbox!....

And I plan to cover the paper I wrote in my Hurriyet column in the next couple of weeks, although I am also considering to wait until the Staff Report is out- see my discussion for why and today's Daily News column for other possible goodies in the Staff Report.

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