Friday, April 15, 2011

Please like me:)

As I have pre-announced a couple of times, I will be migrating this blog to Nouriel Roubini's new blog aggregation site soon. I cannot make the official announcement for a couple of weeks or so, as the new page will not be available until the end of the month, but I need to ask a favor in the meantime:

The able folks who work with Roubini have incorporated on the profile page of my new blog Facebook and Twitter widgets, which will allow me to have my latest Facebook posts and Tweets all in one spot on my profile page. So far so good. However, Facebook only allows this if I have a “Fanpage” as opposed to a personal page (otherwise it would be opening a private Facebook page to the public, which it doesn’t allow). 

Therefore, I set up a Fanpage to make use of this nice and convenient feature. Again, so far so good. But I need to get a certain number of likes to be able get a regular Fanpage with my name rather than one with the weird numbers at the end. I know this from doing the same thing with our hotel's Fanpage. So I would really appreciate if you take a few seconds to click here to get to my Fanpage and like "me". I scattered the hyperlinks to the Fanpage all through this post, other than this last sentence, but if those hyperlinks do not work for you, here's the direct link:

Thanks in advance for this....


Abe Rudder said...

Your prennial spammer should be resurfacing real soon :)

Emre Deliveli said...


Well, I think I am asking for it:)