Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More shameless advertising

Since the Blogger ban has been lifted, at least for the moment, let me cut to the chase and say what I want to say right away:

My friends at Turkey Data Monitor just released the second version of their great data software:
It is much improved than the previous version, which I had reviewed, in terms of data viewing, editing and the like. Besides, it is also an economics aggregation portal, with news and commentary on the Turkish and world economy. The news and events go through the lens of Murat Ucer (el jefe), so he sort of picks out what he deems as the most important, which is very convenient for a time-constrained person like your friendly neighborhood economist.

As for commentary on the Turkish economy, they have reports from Turkish and foreign outfits such as Yapi Kredi and Nomura, as well as Hurriyet / Roubini columns of your friendly neighborhood economist. This last point is really important, as it, along with the migration of my blog to Roubini's new blog aggregation site (full details coming soon), is all part of my plan to conquer the world (hahahaha- the Dr. Evil laugh)....

Anyway, if you want to give it a try, their contact info is in the picture above... 

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