Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A short absence

Today, Blogspot got banned in Turkey again after two and a half years, again because of LigTV parent company Digiturk's rows with illegal broadcasts of live matches from blog sites. While Digiturk is right in principle, the solution is not to limit access to thousands of blogs, including that of your friendly neighborhood economist, to prevent access to a handful of sites.

Those of you following my blog from abroad will hardly notice anything, but I can not access my own blog to post anything, other than via email, at the moment. As a result, I will not be able to post in the next couple of days or so. However, I will be implementing a solution, either through changing my DNS settings, or through VPN, so I should be back soon... Obviously, I cannot do anything about my readers who live in Turkey and do not know how to get by the ban, but what they can do is to cancel their Digiturk subscriptions, like I will do as soon as I head home...

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