Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Perils of dealing with Turkish Statistics

I just heard the weirdest thing from an anonymous source (now that you know my policy with revealing sources, I believe you won't ask who she is), while I was trying to get  the license for a dock we are building in front of our beach.

Municipalities supposedly love to dish out occupancy permits before the elections. The idea is that you register someone in your district by giving them occupancy permits in an unregistered land and then get their vote in return. And to prevent that, the High Election Board, or HEB, has stopped giving out occupancy permits until the elections.

I wanted to have a quick look o data for myself:
Permits do indeed jump up, but not before elections: There is indeed strong seasonality, with the figures peaking every fall, for some reason I have no clue about:)... So if anyone knows why, I would be happy if you could explain as a comment to this post.

BTW, the dock I am talking about figures a great deal in Monday's South Weekly column, which will probably make will make me an Ergenekon causality. No hints for now, but I am sure it'll be a shocker. So be patient:)...

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