Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More on Turkey in the MIST

Simon the journalist (I just remembered the famous line from As Good As It Gets), who motivated me to write on the topic with his well thought-out questions, just published his own piece on the MIST and Turkey in The Guardian's Poverty Matters blog.

He has managed to touch upon all the big points working for and against Turkey, including some I could not due to space constraints, so I definitely recommend it, not the least because he quotes me as well:)

By the way, reader Flann Myles, in a comment to my Hurriyet column, notes that "MIST, in German, is a (mostly) acceptable substitute for the stronger and impolite..... Scheisse." And here's my answer to him: "In Turkish, MIKTir is the sort of polite way of saying f--k off: The original word is written with an "s", and the idea is that it is somewhat softened when you replace the "s" with an "m":):):)"

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Scootland Economics said...

i wish i had a turkey sammich