Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Addednum to an Addendum: On "Tandemness"

Here's Rower32 again (the second comment that did not appear in the blog, although relayed to me through email), this time on monetary and fiscal policy working in tandem, which I mentioned at the end of this week's column and then explained in an addendum:
There's section in Koo's book: "Fiscal Policy Determines The Effectiveness of the Monetary Policy" altho the situation in Japan was almost completely opposite. Ben Bernanke in a recent speech (can't remember which) echoed the same sentiments. But I still don't think fiscal and monetary authorities ever worked in tandem in Turkey. +it's election year..don't expect fiscal tightening anytime soon. 
I should say that I was really anxious to make Koo's book my first non-fiction Kindle book, but found out (for some reason, my editor friend prefers "found" to "found out", so I took advice and used the former in tomorrow's column, but the blog is for imperfect English) that it is not available as an e-book:( What a bummer:(...

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