Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ideas on next week's column?

As I noted at the beginning of the previous post, I have started thinking about next week's column: After coming up to a mutually beneficial agreement with my editor friend (I get my columns edited and avoid getting into a fit of rage @ Inonu, she gets to see Besiktas games, quite a sight after the "defense" chants in NBA games- she is American), I started writing my columns late afternoon/early evening Saturdays, so this means I should already be starting to think about next week's...

My first instinct is to write about IMF's Second Post-Program Monitoring Discussions with Turkey, as it was completely misinterpreted/misreported in the Turkish press as the Fund applauding Turkey's policies. This is not the case; in fact, I would say that the Fund is even critical, as it would be obvious to anyone who is familiar with the politically correct Fundspeak.

But if you have other suggestions, or of there is a topic you'd want your friendly neighborhood economist to tackle, by all means let me know, by a comment to this post or a private email to emre.deliveli AT But I need to have it before 8 pm (Turkish time) or so at the latest.

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