Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Menu for Monday...

I have been thinking about three potential topics for next week's column:
  1. The 2001 crisis: Tuesday was the tenth anniversary of the 2001 crisis. So to celebrate a decade without a crisis,  at least a domestic-created one, I could write about lessons from and consequences of the 2001 crisis. This would also give me the chance to relate to the great comments by ex-CBT governor Sureeya Serdengecti at a conference I attended last month, which I am anxious to share.
  2. The CHP's economic policies: I could write about this and get lots of nasty comments, similar to yesterday's, but from both CHP and AKP supporters (don't ask me how, it is a secret of trade), which would be a lot of fun:)- or not, as most comments would get censured by the Daily News web editors... But since their program is likely to be announced in March, it is better to wait for the details. This will also let me speak about inequality in Turkey, which a couple of readers have asked me to discuss.
  3. The effect of the MENA tremors on Turkey: I could write about the channels through which Turkey is to be affected. I did some metrics on this yesterday, which will let me do a sad football allusion, so I am all set to go for it.
I am trying to choose between 1 and 3 at the moment, but kind of leaning towards 3. The way I figure, I could always do a late anniversary next week, but I am thinking I should strike while the iron is hot with respect to the Arab tremors... Anyway, I am heading for dinner, and should get to work by 22.00 Turkish time, by which time I should have made up my mind. So feel free to let me know which you prefer (or throw something else at me) in the next hour or so....

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Emre Deliveli said...

A reader suggested I do MENA, and I was leaning towards that anyway so MENA and Turkey it is!

To work then!