Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Second question on blogger appreciation day

I have half an hour before the end of blogger appreciation day, so let me move on to the second question:

Since I am one fat lazy bastard, I never moved my bank account after I left Citi, for which I have finally gathered the resolve. And since I am spending a lot of time moonlighting in tourism @ our family business, I have decided to move my account to the Marmaris branch of Garanti or Yapi Kredi, for the simple reason that we do most of our business for those two banks and therefore I would get near-private banking services at those two.

This process allows me to bring to life a pet project of mine: To show that economists know shit about trading, markets and investing. To demonstrate, I would like to do some trading on the side from my tourism and Economics/consulting work and publish the results here. So I am wondering how the trading services of both banks compare- I would like to know particularly on trading platforms (I already got a trial at Yapi Kredi's tradebox), breadth/choice of instruments available and of course fees. I am not interested in quality of investment advice, not because I think I am a hotshot, but because that would defeat the purpose of my experiment:)

And while I am interested in those two banks particularly, if you insist another would be infinitely better, by all means write that as well (you are more than welcome to advertise the bank you work at as well, provided you provide objective as well as subjective info.)

And please hurry, the experiment is scheduled for kickoff in the next couple of weeks:)

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