Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mental Note for Moi-Meme (my French is getting really rusty)

I am really getting bored on the last half hour of the ride to Marmaris, so let me list my planned posts for the next few days to pass the time- this will also bring some order to this chaotic blog, although, judging by the Dark Knight, I am not sure which is better...


- Lengthy discussion of the latest Turkish data (inspired by a reader email)

- Addendum to my post on corruption (follow-up to reader comment)

- Addendum to football (dismal star performance) post (summary of couple of email exchanges with friends and experts)

- What I have been reading (don't expect a lot, I am not as fast a reader as Tyler Cowen- or Woody Allen for that matter, although I do tend to remember more of my reads than where they take place)

- Summary (without revealing anything) of my latest Konda work.

And of course, there will be more of my signature Econnews Roundup and Interesting Picks.
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