Friday, July 23, 2010

EconNews Roundup

Daily News has managed to squeeze the recent news on tourism into an analytical piece.

The government's intentions on the fiscal rule are becoming clearer by day.

Durmus Yilmaz defending the floating exchange rate. The guy has a really high patience index; the academedia would have driven me mad long ago. Zaman, probably anxious not to hurt its beloved Anatolian tigers, adopts a different angle to the same speech.

Zaman's take of yesterday's release of the 2010 World Investment Report.

I love it when analysts or journalists try to explain short-run asset prices. For example, the Constitutional Court decision is cited (perhaps a bit ideologically) as the main reason behind the surge. Had Turkish stocks plummeted, the same decision would be cited for the reason of the plunge... There is actually exactly this example (from Bloomberg) in Taleb's Black Swan. BTW, there is a much better piece in FT's Beyond Brics blog on the record-breaking day in ISE, which is in the Interesting Picks I just posted.


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