Monday, July 19, 2010

EconNews Roundup

They call it remigration, but I call it demigration: Turkish professionals laid off during the crisis returning to the Vaterland for good.

I have yet to see the draft law, but if done right, an arbitration court would help in easing pressures off commercial courts.

Energy has got the bulk of FDI this year. And if you do not believe the piece:
Can anyone tell me the item(s) in April (for energy, of course)...
The title says Turkey wants more trade with the US, but the actual article talks rather about more FDI.

I really hate ignorant rating comparisons. For one thing, cash-strapped Greece has the backing of EU.  But that is not to say that Turkey does not deserve an investment grade (upp, I did the double negative again).

Last but hopefully not the least, you friendly neighborhood economist sings fiscal blues this week. Zaman takes on the delay to the fiscal rule, one of my main themes. As for my second theme, Zaman says health expenses are down, but you can go to my column to see which expenses are up.

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