Thursday, July 1, 2010

A couple of travel observations

I am on the Havas shuttle to Marmaris and have no desire to sleep, so:

Ex- CBT Governor Gazi Ercel, an ardent sushi fan like your friendly neighborhood economist, once remarked that a country's level of development was correlated with the number of Japanese restaurants in their major cities. Maybe so, but let me come up with a proxy for lack of development:

"A country's backwardness is correlated with the degree of inorderliness in its arrivals terminal." I am not practicing Turkey-hate here, as some blog and Forbes followers have claimed. In fact, Lima and Cuzco were much worse than Dalaman, and Cairo by far the worst, but I was nevertheless impressed how a couple of dozen passenger friends and relatives managed to totally block the exits.

BTW, I ended up with another case study for my eventual "Turkey's dismal services industry" article when Atlasjet confiscated my brother's tennis racket for forced check-in, promising that it would be hand-delivered. Unsurprisingly, it came from the conveyor belt with the rest of the luggage, and full of dust, as if someone had used it for javelin-throwing practice...
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