Wednesday, July 21, 2010

EconNews Roundup

The trust in financial institutions has decreased- I wonder why:) I am more curious about Turks' response, not on Western banks, but on Turkish ones, who have fared well during the crisis. But my work with Konda has taught me, if anything, to be very skeptical of surveys, so that's all I have to say about that, at least until I see the actual survey questions.

Turkish growth expected to slow down after 2011- Obviously, there are slowdown, and there are sloooooowdowns, but I doubt we'd have to wait that long:) BTW, I recently wrote about the current slowdown.

I have been fascinated by the economics behind hemserilik, which simply means favoring the people from your town. It is basically the economics of social capital, but why that and not other types of social capital is prevalent in Turkey, I wonder.

My time-share neighbor argues economic growth doesn't mean development. That's what Amartya Sen, and more recently Joseph Stiglitz, both Economics Nobel Prize winners, have argued.

Sorry for the Turkish, but there is no other way I can phrase this: Anlayana sivrisinek saz, anlamayana davul zurna az! For God's sake, has the recent CBT indices fallen on deaf ears?

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