Friday, July 2, 2010

Interesting Picks

Pirating does not make you a millionaire- this reminded me of the book on Chicago-area drug gangs I had read some time ago.

More than whether or not credit is tightening, I like Mark Tahoma's sarcasm (see his comments at the beginning of the article).

Yet another employment survey I did not know about- I am again envious of the U.S., as my efforts to start a similar index earlier in the year were in vain.

Speaking of original data, here's my favorite US consumption index- I wonder where they get their anonymous credit card data from.

And yet another index, this one on restaurants.

Dallas Fed worried about growth prospects (via Mark Tahoma)- they argue that a significant portion of the growth is inventory-based, which might be coming to an end- could a similar thing be happening in Turkey.

That's it, folks, I decided not to wait for the non-farm payrolls...

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