Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Interesting Picks

I still have to write the addendum to yesterday's Hurriyet column, but when I do, the best impossible trinity graph I've seen is sure to find a place.

Having written a paper on determinants of FDI, I love to see the practicer's perspective.

Daniel Gross and David Beckworth explain two types of deflation- supply or demand-based.

Tips on reading research papers for the ignorant blogger.

I don't get academics; they first teach you a zillion confidence and sell-fulfilling equilibria models- then say they don't work:)

Yves Smith takes a column from today's FT that I really liked as her base to discuss the Eurozone Stability Fund.

Delphine Strauss discusses the latest Turkey CEM- the main theme is the shadow economy.

A couple of knockoff Eurozeone bank stress tests.

Since high frequency trading (HFT) is a a la mode at the moment, FT Alphaville summarizes a paper that tries to quantify the HFT effect in stock movements.

Charts like this make me wish I had Bloomberg.

Another Turkey piece: Ripples of BNP-Fortis merger in Turkey. Nice piece Caleb!:)

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