Thursday, July 8, 2010

Interesting Picks

Predicting existence of prediction markets. BTW, I wrote a piece on prediction markets back in the old days of the blog.

Stress tests that stress investors. CalculatedRisk and FT Money Supply take on the same topic as well. And in case you want the (dirty) laundry list... And there seems to be at least one guy who feels like me on the stress tests.

Recession's effects on firms dynamics. I did some firms dynamics myself (empirics) during my Ankara days, but honestly, I hadn't given much thought to c and d.

As loyal readers would know, I just love a good index.

Should EM markets be worried about capital flows despite Eurozone woes? Maybe, they should precisely be worried because of Eurozone woes.

I am relieved to learn that BDI is a shitty indicator.

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