Friday, July 31, 2009

A small detail on Yilmaz's Inflation Report presentation

I will be writing on the bread and butter (and the stomach aches associated with consuming too much of it) of the Inflation Report on Monday's Hurriyet column (unfortunately, the tourism column got brushed under the carpet, but I had warned of this possibility at the end of the latest column), but here is one interesting side dish from Yilmaz's speech:

According to Yilmaz, the CBT has been able to account for nearly for 40% of the UFOs, or the mysterious net errors and omissions term in the last quarter of 2008 from the BIS locational statistics. This is similar to my calculation of one half for the first quarter of this year.

Yilmaz also noted that they'll be disclosing more figures on August 10, so I'll be waiting for that...

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