Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More on yesterday's Hurriyet column

I just noticed I had forgotten to comment on the most important part of yesterday's Hurriyet column, the title.

The comments that MJ was the greatest showman ever brought to mind another great showman, one whose passing away was much more in his prime than MJ's. In terms of showmanship, his band's 1985 Wembley performance for Live Aid is considered by many to be the greatest live gig ever. Anyway, the title was a homage to one of their great songs, which was also one of the highlights of Wembley. I had the fortune to sing aloud word for word another another of their memorable songs in Izmir in mid-May, thanks to eziks and Grandpa, but that's another story.

Speaking of MJ, The Economist did it again. Their MJ obituary is by far the best I've read, and while loyal fans are sure to have protested, is written in the style of a true Economist...

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