Friday, July 3, 2009

EconNews Roundup

I kind of see the view of those those who support the CBT's aggressive easing and lifeline for Turkish banks (look at the financial sector in 1Q GDP figures). I can even understand the "all is well, send the doc away" camp. But when I hear that the government has managed the IMF process well, Houston we have a problem... At least, I know where I will not be parking by millions when I finish up with my "beam us up Scottie" device:)...

The automotive sector says they are still standing, but the numbers say otherwise:

Anyway, if they are in such good shape, why are they asking for new stimulus?

BTW, the chart above, from the Automotive Manufacturers Association, shows importers benefited relatively more from the tax cuts than domestic producers. I must say I was a bit surprised by this data; I would have expected the domestic guys to be able to respond faster. I guess buying a Benz for only EUR40,000 should have been attractive:)

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