Friday, July 31, 2009

Interesting Picks: Turkey

I've come across quite a bit of papers explicitly or implicitly applicable to Turkey in the last few days:

Predicting Military Performance from Performance Measures: I could not download the paper, buyt since the authors are Turkish, I suppose it is on Turkey. I wonder how they got their data.

A new paper uses a global VAR to document international inflation linkages: The effect of external shocks on domestic inflation. I intend to touch upon this issue in next week's Hurriyet column, but a bunch of different methods all seem to show that Turkish inflation has increasingly turned into an external-driven animal.

Some lessons for the Central Bank from a CBT researcher: In their framework, credit market imperfections and deposit rates cause a sluggish transmission mechanism.

Some lessons for the Treasury: Panel evidence on the crowding out effect I have been writing about again and again and again and again....

Coming to more mundane matters, IMF has a nice article, with all the relevant links embedded, on the upcoming IMF-World bank annual meetings in Istanbul.

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