Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Live Blogging this afternoon

I will be attending the conference "Post-crisis Global Economic Order and the Turkish Economy" this afternoon. The conference is set up a meeting before the yearly gathering of the Society for Economic Dynamics and will include opening remarks by CBT President Durmus Yilmaz as well as two roundtables: One on crisis and the Turkish economy, the other the global economy. The second roundtable includes Nobel winners Lucas and Prescott, so should be interesting.

I will be blogging live with my Bberry from the conference. To make things organized, I intend to blog separately for the opening remarks, and the two roundtables. I should be putting out the opening remarks by 15.00, the first roundtable 16.45-17.00 and the second roundtable 18.45-19.00. Let's see how this will work...

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