Friday, October 3, 2008

World Economic Outlook

The IMF has released four chapters of the World Economic Outlook. With my sister getting engaged tomorrow, I haven't had the time to read the report in detail. But here's my brief take, based on reading the IMF survey summaries and skimming through the report in five minutes.

Chapter 3 notes that some of the underlying factors behind the recent rise in food and energy prices and highlights that further monetary tightening might be called for certain countries; an article in the IMF Survey summarizes the chapter. Chapter 4 looks at the real sector effects of the financial turmoil on the US and Euro Area economies (see here for the IMF Survey summary). Chapter 6 analyzes the regional differences in current account balances in emerging markets (the IMF Survey summary is here). And last but not the least, Chapter 5 reiterates what any good economist would know about the IMF: In sum, It's Mostly Fiscal

Anyway, remember the famous Woody Allen quote, and do not make too much out of this summary. However, I plan to write on the report in more detail early next week, after I've had a chance to read and digest it. I'll focus on my own take of the report, with a special emphasis for its implications on Turkey.

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