Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reads of the day

Macro Man summarizes developments of the last couple of days (as I was traveling yesterday, I found it very useful to bring myself up to speed)

News from the US housing market: Mortgage rates surging and house prices likely to decline further, but it don't look that bad when compared to some other countries

Some more good news: Econbrowser summarizes a couple of recent positive developments I had linked in the past few days

While a recent paper forecasts deflation for the US, financial markets are conveying a similar message (you can do the same exercise with TIPS and you get a similar picture)

A nice and short piece on the Lehman CDS payout, which also goes over some general topics of debate surrounding CDSs.

I've been seeing a lot of comparisons of the current US financial meltdown the Japanese 1990s crisis and worries that US is about to enter its lost decade. Here's a good expose of why it won't...

...And while we are in the 1990s, let's have a look at the Swedish bailout with an article from the Economist (1993)

Is the shipping sector about to become one of the casualties of the global slowdown? At least, that's what prices are signaling

A second Q&A from two Chicago economics on the financial meltdown (the first one, which I had linked way back, is here)

Menzie Chinn shows that despite the repeated rate cuts, monetary policy is still not lax, at least if we measure it by looking at its effects on some key interest rates

From Accrued Interest: Some more credit market indicators- here is a repost of an earlier one from Calculated Risk

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