Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reads of the day

Monopoly, the new version

Yet another funding facility from the Fed

Casey Mulligan summarizes the findings of a recent paper that questions four widely-held beliefs about the financial crisis. Felix Salmon responds and the Economist is not too kind, either. Anyway, one of the points they are making, the surprisingly resilient interbank lending, is also highlighted by Rebecca Wilder.

New York Fed has a new toy: A dynamic map of credit card and mortgage delinquencies

So does the FT: The Weathermap of European Economies

More on lending standards from the Big Picture: Not a research paper like the two papers that Odd Numbers discussed, but a simple introduction

Emerging markets crisis roll call from RGE

The Financial Ninja summarizes the crisis with some great (and scary) Fed charts

Summary of some recent academic writings on the crisis

How the lira depreciation looks with respect to some other EM currencies

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