Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Reads of the day

What drives corruption in Italian football?- in Turkey, it is much simpler, having a black and white jersey is a necessary and sufficient condition to suffer from corrupt refereeing.

It almost went unnoticed due to the attention on the Paulson plan, but the latest BEA consumption data does not paint a rosy picture for Q3 at all.

Since they are next in line to fall in Roubini's dominoes list, it might be useful to know just how leveraged hedge funds are.

The Paulson bailout was rejected 198-197, if you exclude incumbent congressmen likely to be in a tight race in the elections that is...

...But of course there were other reasons as well.

A commercial paper index from the S&P (here's the methodology and factsheet)

Just the best predictor of stock markets this year, written at the end of February (via Freakonomics)

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