Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reads of the day

Quantitative easing on the horizon for the Fed?

BOE Financial Stability Report in pictures.

Nice little piece from the IMF highlighting that not all Eastern European countries are alike.

Not all commercial papers are alike either. Incidentally, the much-discussed Fed Minnesota piece (third entry) was only looking at high quality commercial paper.

IMF paper on high real interest rates in Turkey.

Is the Fed losing control of the Federal Funds rate?

Quote of the day (0n TARP): The thing about being addicted to something - like easy credit - is that generally, the best way off it is not to engorge yourself with more.

Nice summary of the academic literature pertaining to the crisis.

More on the Fed's Balance sheet from James Hamilton.

Interactive graph of the Case Shiller house price index from the New York Times.

Open Economics courses from my alma mater

Rates actually rose rather than fell after the FED started its commercial paper (CP) program. I had been suspecting of a similar effect for the TAF.

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