Friday, October 3, 2008

Reads of the day

The world's largest hedge fun; pity they could not freeze redemptions...

Why it pays to read inflation reports (at least for Poland, Czech Republic, Chile, Sweden and Thailand, but not for Hungary)- I wonder what we would get if we did the same analysis for Turkey.

A recent working paper from the BIS goes over the factors contributing to the US housing boom and bust in trying to explain why the meltdown happened in the United States particularly.

Yet another hint that 3Q growth will be weak in the US: August non-residential spending and the revision to the July figures show a downside risk to investment in 3Q.

Yesterday, there were a couple of really good discussions on the financial turmoil. I managed to dial in to the Roubini/Ritholtz and watched another one on the West Coast soon afterwards (Brad DeLong, one of the participants, has provided the live blog)

I've been looking for a good piece on money market funds since mid-September and finally found one. Thanks to NewsnEconomics...

More on the Fed's balance sheet (USD 61bn of the USD 400bn jump is from AIG)

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