Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reads of the day

Two good articles on credit default swaps: In defense of CDSs and CDSs demystified

The week in pictures from Econompicdata

Marginal Revolution has plotted LIBOR and T-bills data from the Fed going back to the 70s to offer a long-term perspective on the TED spread. The moral: TED has been prone to wild swings in the past as well.

Emerging markets to get their own swap line, from the IMF.

FDIC's failed bank list for the past eight years: I counted 15 for 2008...

The credit-score conundrum: Credit scores rising along with delinquency rates.

BIS international banking statistics for 2Q08 show that the credit contraction is well underway: So much for the four myths discussion going on for the past few days.

BNP Paribas has calculated European banks' exposures to emerging markets. With troubles brewing in EM, will there be another negative feedback loop to Europe? If you want, you can play a bit with Deutche's online emerging markers default probabilities calculator, which calculates the probability of default implied in CDSs with various recovery rate assumptions.

The OFHEO home price index changes its name to the FHFA home price index, but the dismal story behind the index remains.

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