Sunday, December 28, 2008

Interesting Picks

The week in pictures from Econompicdata.

Chart of the day: Get a Fed credit card.

Paul Krugman agrees with me that with short-term rates at zero, the yield curve has lost its usual interpretation.

Mark Perry and The Economist manage to find the good anywhere.

Tyler Cowen continues his series about the countercyclical asset.

Businessweek lists the worst then predictions of 2008.

More fiscal stimulus skepticism: Casey Mulligan, David Backus and Tyler Cowen. The first is a short summary of how fiscal stimulus works while Backus goes over the main arguments for fiscal skepticism.

Casey Mulligan uses labor supply and demand to arrive at seven conclusions, but Mark Tahoma summarizes the arguments against two of his conclusions.

Noting that the dollar used to rally in times of geopolitical tensions, Yves Smith argues that the recent lack of dollar strengthening might be pointing to the dollar's diminished status. Her argument makes sense, but I wonder if it has been formally tested.

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