Friday, December 19, 2008

Interesting Picks

Market reaction to the FOMC meeting.

More on the Black Swan guy.

A new paper reopens (and in my opinion concludes) the credit discussion (have banks actually decreased lending during the crisis). In a similar vein, Menzie Chinn reports of a July NBER working paper that attempts to separate the demand and finance shocks during the crisis.

The credit crisis book guide from Paul Pedrosky- note that you can see my short reviews of some of the books in his list in here and here.

Yves Smith summarizes and discusses a wide range of views (and articles) on the Fed's latest move.

For the Fed skeptic: Yves Smith explains how low Treasury rates might be reducing repos while Mish Shedlock argues Fed lending could be crowding out private lending.

Credit vertigo- what I'd just call uncertainty.

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