Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Interesting Picks

I noticed that my posts from the last few days have disappeared. Fortunately, I had been saving them on google documents for the past couple of weeks, so I'll be reposting those, with the original post dates for historical accuracy.

Nice summary from Marginal Revolution of the monetary base- has linked to some articles I enjoyed reading for the past month or so.

Econompicdata has more on the Yves Smith puzzle.

Tim Duy explains what is wrong with aimless quantitative easing (doing whatever is necessary is not a goal)

Mish argues convincingly that the US housing market is still far from bottom.

Chris Giles picks up on Martin Wolf's discussion of why many economists didn't see it coming. The coverage of all the article is impressive, taking stock on practically all the key market or academics economists.

Morgan Stanley looks at the impact of Fed's quantitative easing on the dollar.

Zubin Jelveh summarizes Bernanke's speech, while Rebecca Wilder concentrates on the gist: Fed is monetizing government debt- a point I had also raised in my last Daily News column. Tim Duy looks at the speech's implications for quantitative easing.

One of the more interesting investments against deflation. FT Alphaville elaborates.

As Greg Mankiw notes, the effects of a fiscal stimulus are far from crystal clear as well as the best way to inject the stimulus.

With TIPS yields having plunged, James Hamilton has some more tips on TIPS.

More correlations breaking down- this time between the yield curve and Itraxx...

Both FT Alphaville and Felix Salmon refer to the latest Bill Gross article on whether Tobin's Q is hinting that stocks are undervalued (no). Martin Wolf looks at Q as well, but reaches a somewhat different conclusion.

If it were not for FT Alphaville, I would have missed the excellent post by Felix Salmon on super-senior tranches. Also highly recommended is his post on synthetic CDOs, which I had already linked.

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