Monday, December 8, 2008

Interesting Picks

Chart of the day: NYT bailout tab.

First, it was the Fed; now the US government is starting to look like a hedge fund.

Charles Davi continues his excellent discussion of Synthetic CDOs, ratings and super senior tranches.

FT Alphaville presents the key takes from the just-released BIS quarterly report.

Newcomers to the blogosphere (but well-known economists), Woodward and Hall discuss the different options for stimulating the US economy.

Speaking of fiscal policy, Tyler Cowen has a fiscal policy cookbook.

Down with CDSs...

I never thought anyone would call Dr. Doom an optimist.

Speaking of the Black Swan guy, he gets back at quantitative methods at an article published in FT (HT: Mark Tahoma).

The lesson from the market reaction to the nonfarm payrolls: The Cyrano Principle.

How bad is the crisis? If you'll judge it by stock market performance, as bad as the Great Depression- note the bellish shape of the chart as well.

This is the first time I am wishing a market is broken.

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